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Ryelands have many attributes, and their full breed characteristics can be found on the Ryeland Flock Book Society website. However, our reasons for keeping Ryelands are that:

  • They are very nice to look at.

  • They make excellent mothers.

  • They are docile – a major plus when they need to be handled for husbandry tasks.

  • They are never on a mission to escape. Ours have been known to stay put, even when gates have accidentally been left open.

  • They love to eat grass, making them ideal for keeping paddocks and pastures tidy.

  • The rams make excellent crossing sires for commercial sheep farmers.

  • The meat has good flavour and is not too fat.

  • The wool is of excellent quality. The woolsack in the Houses of Parliament is said to be filled with Ryeland wool.

  • Their keepers are very sociable. Keeping Ryelands is a great way to meet other like minded people.

  • You have the opportunity to exhibit at Agricultural Shows. This was an area where previously we had no experience. But, ably assisted by our nephew Julian and his family, we have achieved many successes in the show ring. It’s very exciting and rewarding to win a rosette or two!

We usually have breeding stock for sale, details of which will be posted on our Blog.


 If you would like further information or would like to visit, please contact us on 01584 811017.


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